Court Rules

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Effective 04/27/2018.

Court Rules PDF

Court Rule changes effective January 4, 2019

Rule 14 - Filing and Service of Court Papers PDF (with Revisions) 

Rule 22 - Bail (with Revisions)

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 Table of Contents

RULE 1: Division and Branches of Court
RULE 2: Court Sessions
RULE 3: Duty Judge
RULE 4: Magistrates
RULE 5: Attorneys
RULE 6: Public Use of Court
RULE 7: Media
RULE 8: Clerk of Court and Court Records
RULE 8.1: Court Reporters, Transcripts of Proceedings and Exhibits
RULE 9: Location of Court Records
RULE 10: Orders of Court
RULE 11: Civil Filing Fees
RULE 12: Fines and Costs
RULE 13: Numbering of Cases
RULE 14: Filing and Service of Court Papers
RULE 15: Case Assignment, Consolidation and Transfer
RULE 16: Appearance of Defendants in Criminal Cases
RULE 17: Appearance for Traffic or Minor Misdemeanors
RULE 18: Traffic Court Arraignment
RULE 19: Misdemeanor Arraignment
RULE 20: Felony Arraignment
RULE 21: Bench Warrants
RULE 22: Bail
RULE 23: Criminal Pretrial Proceedings
RULE 24: Case Management Program
RULE 25: Civil Pretrials
RULE 26: Trial Assignments
RULE 27: Jury Trials and Jury Management Plan
RULE 28: Witnesses and Subpoenas
RULE 29: Default Judgment, Dismissals, and Reinstatements
RULE 30: Work Release
RULE 31: Post-Judgment Proceedings
RULE 32: Trusteeship
RULE 33: Small Claims
RULE 34: Housing Cases
RULE 35: Landlord/Tenant Actions
RULE 36: Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
RULE 37: Citizens Dispute Settlement Program
RULE 38: Court Security
RULE 39: Bond Forfeitures
RULE 40: Recording of Proceedings
RULE 41: Bail Bonding Companies and Agents
RULE 42: Electronic Signatures
RULE 43: Ignition Interlock Devices-Manufacturer Notification Requirements

Rules of the Toledo Municipal Court

Joshua W. Lanzinger, Administrative/Presiding Judge

Amy J. Berling Nicole I. Khoury
William M. Connelly, Jr. Timothy C. Kuhlman
Joseph J. Howe  Michelle A. Wagner


John A. Blaufuss
Alan J. Michalak
Megan K. Mattimoe

Effective April 27, 2018

In accordance with Rule 5 of the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio, the following local rules of practice and case management program are adopted by the Municipal Court of the City of Toledo, Ohio, to ensure the readiness of cases for pretrial and trial, to facilitate the earlier disposition of cases, and to promote the administration of justice. All former rules and amendments of this court are hereby revoked.