Court Rules

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Effective 04/21/23


RULE 1: Division and Branches of Court
RULE 2: Court Sessions
RULE 3: Duty Judge
RULE 4: Magistrates
RULE 5: Attorneys
RULE 6: Public Use of Court
RULE 7: Media
RULE 8: Clerk of Court and Court Records
RULE 8.1: Court Reporters, Transcripts of Proceedings and Exhibits
RULE 9: Location of Court Records
RULE 10: Orders of Court
RULE 11: Civil Filing Fees
RULE 12: Fines and Costs
RULE 13: Numbering of Cases
RULE 14: Filing and Service of Court Papers
RULE 15: Case Assignment, Consolidation and Transfer
RULE 16: Appearance of Defendants in Criminal Cases
RULE 17: Appearance for Traffic or Minor Misdemeanors
RULE 18: Traffic Court Arraignment
RULE 19: Misdemeanor Arraignment
RULE 20: Felony Arraignment
RULE 21: Bench Warrants
RULE 22: Bail
RULE 23: Criminal Pretrial Proceedings
RULE 24: Case Management Program
RULE 25: Civil Pretrials
RULE 26: Trial Assignments
RULE 27: Jury Trials and Jury Management Plan
RULE 28: Witnesses and Subpoenas
RULE 29: Default Judgment, Dismissals, and Reinstatements
RULE 30: Work Release
RULE 31: Post-Judgment Proceedings
RULE 32: Trusteeship
RULE 33: Small Claims
RULE 34: Housing Cases (repealed October 7, 2020)
RULE 35: Landlord/Tenant Actions (repealed October 7, 2020)
RULE 36: Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
RULE 37: Citizens Dispute Settlement Program
RULE 38: Court Security
RULE 39: Bond Forfeitures
RULE 40: Recording of Proceedings
RULE 41: Bail Bonding Companies and Agents
RULE 42: Electronic Signatures
RULE 43: Ignition Interlock Devices-Manufacturer Notification Requirements